about us

Business concept

We shall with focus on costumer demands and wishes manufacture, develop and serve machinery for bulk goods handling

Business description

Scanmatic manufactures logistics handling systems for bulk materials for internal handling of large volumes in factories worldwide. The heart of our system is the pneumatic transport principle.

Scanmatic imports standard valves and components used in our systems. This is to ensure a reliable spare part delivery and to be a competitive and complete supplier of these components to our customers.

Scanmatic provides customers with:

  • A reliable and long-term partner with a quality system where continuously improved routines and instructions control the organization
  • Control of and responsibility for delivered equipment through a first-class service organization
  • Products and “know how” from over 35 years of experience

Transporting with Scanmatics pneumatic transport systems means:

  • The absolute best transport possible considering Your conditions
  • 100 % enclosed systems
  • Correct transport amount (±0, 3kg/100kg)
  • Reliable transport

Company facts

Name Scanmatic Conveying System AB
Postal adress Södra Vallg. 2, 265 31 Åstorp, Sverige
Telephone +46 (0) 42 - 504 25
Fax +46 (0) 42 - 515 71
Bank Handelsbanken
Bank contact Jonas Olsson, phone:+46 (0) 435-46 22 61
Employees 15
Annual turnover 25-30 Mkr
Established 1989
CEO Heinz Bertram
Buildings Welding 1120 m²
Cutting 240 m²
Mounting 240 m²
Painting 240 m²
Storing 720 m²

Line of products

Materials handling

  • Pneumatic conveyor for powder and granulate
  • Systems for automatic bag emptying
  • Unloading systems
  • Compacting systems